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FULL SERVICE $90 – $100

Mess with the best so you can stand out from the rest.

The complete package to get you right. Includes Haircut and Hot Towel Shave services.

HAIRCUT $40 – $50

Traditional scissor cuts to razor skin fades.

We cut, style, and clean up the neck with a razor shave and hot towel finish.

BUZZ $30

1 clip all around and edge up. Comes with razor neck shave and hot towel.


Get yourself tuned up in between full haircuts with this service.

Comes with a razor shave and hot towel finish.


Weather you need a maintenance clean-up and lines to full sculpting and shaping.

We finesse every beard with the iconic straight razor finish.

CUT & BEARD $60 – $70

Knock it out in one shot with this combo.

Includes our Haircut and Beard services.


Some things you just don’t change. Old school hot towel shave is one of them.

A variety of creams, conditioners, & hot towels, we provide 2 passes with the razor

to ensure we get it all. Look good, feel good.

FATHER SON $80 -$90

Father & Son Haircuts, Back to Back!

FATHER 2 SONS $100 – $120

Haircuts for the father and two sons. Back to Back to Back!