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FULL SERVICE $90 – $100

Mess with the best so you can stand out from the rest.

The complete package to get you right. Includes Haircut and Hot Towel Shave services.

HAIRCUT $40 – $50

Traditional scissor cuts to razor skin fades.

We cut, style, and clean up the neck with a razor shave and hot towel finish.

BUZZ $30

1 clip all around and edge up. Comes with razor neck shave and hot towel.


Get yourself tuned up in between full cuts with this service.

This is not a full haircut but will get your sides and back tapered

to the nice clean edge up. Comes with a razor shave and hot towel finish.


Weather you need a maintenance clean-up and lines to full sculpting and shaping.

We finesse every beard with the iconic straight razor finish.

CUT & BEARD $60 – $70

Knock it out in one shot with this combo.

Includes our Haircut and Beard services.


Some things you just don’t change. Old school hot towel shave is one of them. We only made it better!

This a 15 step process with a variety of creams, lotions, conditioners, and hot towels.

We provide two passes with fresh razors to ensure a thorough and smooth shave experience.

FATHER SON $80 -$90

Father & Son Haircuts, Back to Back!

FATHER 2 SONS $100 – $120

Haircuts for the father and two sons. Back to Back to Back!